Talks & Panels

The Screen City Biennial’s Talks & Panels program unfolds through a series of public sessions, from artist talks to curatorial roundtables, keynotes and panel conversations. The program ties in with the Biennial’s Research Program and online Journal with the aim to examine, elaborate and discuss various artistic and urban contextual aspects relating to the expanded moving image in public space in light of the Biennial’s theme Migrating Stories.


Expanded Art in Public Space I – Curatorial Roundtable

March 31, Rogaland Kunstsenter, 14-16

The open roundtable conversation brings together invited experts and audiences in dialogue about art in public space, in perspective of the expanded moving image and tying into broader practices with art in public space. As we witness art expanding into public space in continuously changing, contingent and progressive manners, how may we consider the value of art in public space? What (curatorial/political/ethical) principles should the art follow in public space, and who should define them? What synergies and complexities do we find in the art’s participation in the development of the technologically intelligent city?

With Geir Haraldseth, Director of Rogaland Kunstsenter; Sissel Lillebostad, Curator, writer and artist; Hege Tapio, Director of i/o/lab Stavanger; Trude Schjelderup Iversen, Senior Curator at Kunst i offentlige Rom (KORO); Daniela Arriado, Director of Screen City Biennial, moderated by Tanya Toft Ag

Research Article: Expanded Art in Public Space I


Artist Conversations

March 30, Rogaland Kunstsenter, 14-16

On the occasion of their research visits to Stavanger, artists Enrique Ramirez, John Cleater and Samson Kambalu will present their reflections on developing expanded moving image artworks for the Biennial in the context of Stavanger. They will share observations, ideas and inspirations that feed into the process of developing and realizing their artworks.

With Enrique Ramirez, John Cleater, Samson Kambalu, moderated by Daniela Arriado and Tanya Toft Ag

Artist Conversation: Enrique Ramirez
Artist Conversation: John Cleater



Intelligent Art in the Intelligent City

Nordic Edge, 27 September, 11:30-12:30

A discussion on synergies and complexities in media arts’ participation in the rise of the technologically intelligent city. From the curatorial perspective, what critical, interrogative, and co-constructive roles might ‘intelligent art’ take when interfering with our cities’ technological development – and how do we best facilitate these roles in the urban context?

With Daniela Arriado and Tanya Toft Ag

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Opening Talk: Migrating Stories

12 October, MS Sandnes, 18-19

Introduction to the 2017 Screen City Biennial with a point of departure in the biennial’s theme – Migrating Stories; on migratory art and aesthetics in a contemporary worldly reality, globally and in Stavanger, as an aesthetic dimension of migration as social, political, cultural and existential phenomena.

With Daniela Arriado and Tanya Toft Ag


Panel: Aesthetics of Repair (Migratory Art)

13 October, MS Sandnes, 14-16

From cultures to aesthetics of repair: departing from the notion of cultures of repair (Peter Weibel, Global Activism), the session examines artistic responses to urgencies of our time in society, politics and contemporary culture; and how migratory art changes the world map of cultural realities and aesthetic imaginations.

With Maeve Connolly, Teresa Dillon and Duncan Speakman, moderated by Tanya Toft Ag


Artist Conversation: Matti Aikio – Traces and Time

13 October, Studio 17, 18-19

Matti Aikio in conversation with Anna Ihle/Studio17

“All animals leave traces on the snow, and depending on the conditions, these traces can disappear in a matter of seconds or minutes or hours or weeks. Our culture has not left traces in the same way as an urban or dominant culture. Our nomadic cultures have left a different kind of trace, that has not destroyed our ecosystem, our living habitat”. – Matti Aikio

Matti Aikio is invited to a conversation with Anna Ihle, hosted by Studio17. The conversation will depart from the political starting point of Aikio’s practice and his works presented at the Screen City Biennial: Lávvu (2011) and Nomad Talk (2011).


Panel: Expanded Reality (Migratory Aesthetics)

14 October, MS Sandnes, 12-14

New modes of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality continuously occur as forms of migratory aesthetics, moving from one artistic expression to the next while employing current technologies. How can these expanding modes of artistic expression engage new connections between art and reality, society and our contemporaneity? What are the artistic, cultural, societal and perhaps political values of the new immersive experiences they offer audiences?

With Olivia McGilchrist, John Cleater, and Kristiane M. Lindland, moderated by Tanya Toft Ag


Artist Conversation: Shezad Dawood

14 October, SF Kino, 15-16

Shezad Dawood works across film, painting and sculpture to deconstruct systems of image, language, site and narrative. The artist will be in conversation with X about his two works It was a time that was a time (2015) and Leviathan Episode 1 – Ben (2017).

Moderated by Daniela Arriado


Roundtable Discussion: Expanded Art in Public Space II

15 October, MS Sandnes, 16.00-18.00

This roundtable discussion continues the roundtable Expanded Art in Public Space I held in March 2017, focusing on critical issues connected to the changes in art in an urban context. With invited perspectives of Siri Borge, Heather Jones (Contemporary Art Stavanger), Truls Ramberg (KORO), James Finucane (Nuart).

Moderated by Geir Haraldseth