Research Program

The Screen City Biennial’s Research Program makes an investigative, disseminative and intellectual backbone to the Biennial’s program. It facilitates research on artistic practice and thinking and space for curatorial reflection. Presenting talks, discussions, publications and symposium events, the overall objective of the Research Program is to engage, develop and disseminate artistic and curatorial discourse on the expanded moving image in public space. With this program the Screen City Biennial seeks to strengthen public and intellectual knowledge on emerging and expanding moving image art forms that are continuously changing in dialogue and contingency with our communicative existence and which hold a critical potential for interference with our everyday lives in direct, real-time engagement with the urban environment and our digital infrastructural architectures.


Outputs are texts and visual material that report from and dive deeper into the artworks, talks and curatorial curiosities that make up the biennial’s program. Outputs will be published in the SCB Journal during the biennial and following the program events.


Research articles

Expanded Art in Public Space I

Based on roundtable discussion on March 30 at Rogaland Art Centre.


Artist Conversations

Artist Conversation: Enrique Ramirez
Artist Conversation: John Cleater

Based on public artist conversations on March 31 at Rogaland Art Centre.


Artwork Encounters (coming up)

Inquiries into art installations at the Screen City Biennial, artists practices and close-up experiences of the works in the context of Stavanger’s harbour area.


Articles (coming up)

Articles on the expanded moving image and migratory art and aesthetics by among others Tanya Toft Ag, Nilgun Bayraktar, Maeve Connolly, Teresa Dillon, Catrien Schreuder, Peter Weibel and Annika Wik.


Curator Perspectives (coming up)

Interviews with the biennial’s guest curators including Inês Grosso, Fernanda Parente, Vanina Saracino, Tina Sauerlander and Olaf Stüber on tendencies, methods and practice methodologies relating to curating the expanded moving image.