Online Exhibition

Today we are witnessing an emerging line of digital platforms for exhibiting and distributing the moving image, which has opened up a new path for independent online curatorial work, events and biennials. When dealing with global subjects we need to explore the proper ways to reach a global audience and take advantage of the Internet’s social, cultural and political potential for distributing artistic content beyond borders and restrictions. The Screen City Biennial wishes to encourage this effort and highlight the artists and curators forging this path.

The online exhibition reflects the Screen City Biennial’s aim to be accessible beyond the geographic locality of Stavanger and further exhibition practices with the expanded moving image in online, mobile and hybrid presentation formats. It presents artworks of various formats – having in common their strong political dimensions that speak to global issues of migration, imbalance, xenophobia and uncertain futures.

In the online program are artworks selected and introduced by invited guest curators Inês Grosso, Fernanda Parente, Vanina Saracino, Tina Sauerlander and Olaf Stüber. We encourage you to read the curator’s introduction of the work, its interface and experience, before enjoying the art.

The online exhibition is accessible between 12–31 October 2017 on

Marcel Odenbach

Im Schiffbruch nicht Schwimmen können (Foundering, And You Can’t Swim) (2011)

HD Video, 8’ 23”, colour, 16:9, stereo audio

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 Vasco Araújo

Parque Tématico (2016)

HD Video, 8’44”, 16:9, with sound

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Larry Achiampong and David Blandy

Finding Fanon 2 (2015)

UHD Video, 9’13”, with sound

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Christa Joo Hyun D’Angelo

Past Present Tense (2014-2015)

HD Video, 32’, with sound, German with English Subtitles

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Sam Wolson and Trevor Snapp

We Who Remain (2017)

UHD Video, 9’13”, with sound

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Lodovica Guarnieri and Lorenzo Gerbi

Nabati (2016)

HD Video, 32’, with sound

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Rona Yefman & Tanja Schlander

Pippi Longstocking, The Strongest Girl in the World (2006)

Video, 3’ 50”, with sound

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Utopian Union

2031 (2017)

Poster with LARP scenario taking place in Stavanger


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