The Screen City Biennial presents art installations that take up visible and invisible spaces and architectures, some engaging in dialogues with site contextual issues and urban material features, others expanding and disappearing into the fjords. Artworks are partly selected from the Biennial’s open call.


Installation Schedule

MS Sandnes


Matti Aikio, Nomad Talk (2011)

Mirelle Borra, Somewhere in Between (2016)

Dana Levy, This Was Home (2016)

Cabin, Thurs-Sun 12-31 October

+ Art Walks begin at the MS Sandnes



HC Gilje, Barents (mare incognitum) (2017)

Olivia McGilchrist, Jonkonnu / Gens Inconnus (2017)

Yucef Merhi, Poet On Earth (2017)

Thurs-Sun 12-31 October, 12-20


Rogaland Art Centre / RKS

Budhaditya Chattopadhyay, Exile and Other Syndromes (2016-2017)

Thurs-Sun 12-31 October, 19-22

Studio 17 and Bakspeilet / RKS

Matti Aikio, vvu (2011)

Studio 17, Thurs-Sun 12-31 October, 19-22


Concert Hall

Marcus Neustetter, Syria (2016)

Margarida Paiva, Traversings (2017)

Enrique Ramirez, Incoming (2017)

Daily 12-31 October, 20-21

+ Special event/biennial kick-off, facade projection and indoors, 7 October, 19-24


Maritime Museum

Eric Corriel, Water Will Be Here (2010)
Daily, 12-31 October, 19-22

Enrique Ramirez, Sailors (2017)
Thurs-Sun 12-15 October, 11-16