Utopian Union


Utopian Union is a collective focused on non-institutional learning, interdisciplinary collaboration and artistic practice. Utopian Union uses art as a space for the imaginary, where new aesthetics, cultural movements and models can be developed. 2031 is an offspring project of Utopian Union led by Ana Gzirishvili and Sara Løve Daðadóttir. It envisions the year 2031, investigating scenarios of utopian ideas using LARP (live-action roleplay) as a methodology, and inviting academics, artists, designers, social entrepreneurs, scientists, students, activists and others who share a desire for new perspectives and utopias to participate.



Poster with LARP scenario taking place in Stavanger

In the year 2031, Norway doesn’t exist anymore as most nation states in the world have transformed into new entities. The socio-political and economic climate has been completely transformed. For example: the E.U. no longer exists anymore. Oil production in what was once Norway has ceased to exist. The law was ratified as part of the unification of Norway, Sweden and Denmark into the Great Nordic Union (GNU). Remnants of the oil industry have a completely different use in 2031. Basic income was introduced in 2020 in GNU and it resulted in mass migration to the region.

Poster design: Josefin Askfelt.
Logo: Tea Palmelund.


The work will be exhibited on Screencitybiennial.org, accessible 12-31 October 2017.

Image: Utopian Union, 2031 (2017). Poster with LARP scenario taking place in Stavanger. Commissioned by Screen City Biennial. Courtesy of the artists Ana Gzirishvili and Sara Løve Daðadóttir.