Utopian Union

2031 (2017)

Poster with LARP scenario taking place in Stavanger


In the year 2031, Norway doesn’t exist anymore as most nation states in the world have transformed into new entities. The socio-political and economic climate has been completely transformed. For example: the E.U. no longer exists anymore. Oil production in what was once Norway has ceased to exist. The law was ratified as part of the unification of Norway, Sweden and Denmark into the Great Nordic Union (GNU). Remnants of the oil industry have a completely different use in 2031. Basic income was introduced in 2020 in GNU and it resulted in mass migration to the region.

Poster design: Josefin Askfelt.
Logo: Tea Palmelund.

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About the artwork

The work was available 12 October – 1 December 2017.

Online Exhibition