Transforma produce audiovisual performances, installations, projections for music and video clips, and have worked extensively with theatre and dance. Creating images and atmospheres that establish a connection between the material properties of their subjects, abstract storytelling and a hands-on approach to production, they have developed their own language within the live visual experience. They have long standing collaborations with numerous artists, directors and musicians and have performed live and exhibited at many major festivals and venues around the world. Transforma was founded in Berlin by Luke Bennett, Baris Hasselbach and Simon Krahl in 2001.


Audio-Visual Performance, 45’

Graete is the result of continuing investigations of pure materiality and archaic manual processes. In the performance, a special apparatus consisting of different mechanical, image and sound equipment is used to explore prototypes of simple human tools and as well as their application. During the performance, the differentiation between the archaic objects and the modern technological setup disappears. A stick or stone becomes recognizable as a tool, as does a camera or a spotlight. Graete is presents the audience with an opportunity to travel through time as imagined in a sequence of images. In the first image, prehistoric humans sit in a cave using wooden sticks to stir a fire. In the last image, a modern man analyzes the same fireplace with modern machinery. The resulting video and sound live-stream consists of actions performed in real time on stage.


Performance at Stavanger Art Museum, 19 October, 20-21.

Image: Transforma, Graete (2016), Audio-Visual Performance, 42’ 36”, still from performance.