Maria von Hausswolff


Maria von Hausswolff’s practice is primarily grounded in performance, film installations and photography with a mix of structure and intuitive stream of consciousness. Her work questions identity, our perception, reality and dreams. Parallel to working in the film industry, Maria has also exhibited her work in various solo and group exhibitions. She graduated from The National Film School of Denmark in 2013 with a degree in Cinematography that follows her earlier studies at the College of Fine Arts in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Maria has also exhibited her work in various solo and group exhibitions.

Alien Tourist

HD Video, 15’, with sound

An alien has landed on a foreign planet, where life once existed. The alien moves around aimlessly through dark shifting nature, occasionally coming across appearing then disappearing glimpses of frozen figures, humans, poised in time and action, in a deserted wilderness where the sunlight is now out of reach.

Produced by Walenciak Film in co-production with Wallensten Film and Beo Film and with support from Aarhus Film Workshop and Kameraudlejningen ApS.

Director: Maria von Hausswolff
Director of Photography: Adam Wallensten
Producer: Julie Friis Walenciak
Editor: Julius Damsbo
Sound Designer: Daniel Jenatsch
Sound Mixer: Sune Kaarsberg
Production Designer: Josephine Farsø
Composer: Robin Rimbaud Scanner
Actors: Shelly Levy, Cora Hillebrand, Siri Hildur Wigzell, John Skoog, Aron Skoog


Screened at Kino.

Image: Maria von Hausswolff, Alien Tourist (2017), HD Video, 15’, with sound, video still. Courtesy of the artist and Director of Photography Adam Wallensten.