Margarida Paiva


Margarida Paiva (1975) is a visual artist, originally from Portugal, living and working in Oslo. In 2007 she completed her Master degree at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts, following studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Porto and Art Academy in Trondheim. Her video works are poetical narratives characterising an existential contemporary solitude. The short film Every Story Is Imperfect (2012) has been awarded at FOKUS 2014, Nikolaj Kunsthal (DK). Recent exhibitions include Stories and Desires From Who Sleeps at Camara Oscura Contemporary Art Gallery in Madrid (ES), Stereo. Not Mono at F15 Contemporary Art Gallery in Moss (NO), and solo exhibitions at Muratcentoventidue Contemporary Art Gallery in Bari (IT) and Oslo Intercultural Museum (NO).


HD Video, 3’, with sound

Traversing means to travel across or through. In this video a young man rows a boat stuck on land. This single situation, as the man is engaged in a sort of struggle between motion and immobility, invokes themes of displacement, memory, and journey. The boat might evoke associations as a mean of transportation for migrants, both in the past and the present. It may relate to discourses of coastal migration referring to the early human migrations across continents as well as more recent events of migration evoking stories of trauma, exclusion and survival.