John Craig Freeman

United States

John Craig Freeman is a public artist with twenty-seven years of experience using emergent technologies to produce large-scale public work at sites where the forces of globalization are impacting the lives of individuals in local communities. With his work, Freeman seeks to expand the notion of public by exploring how digital networked technology is transforming our sense of place. In July 2017, Freeman traveled to the U.S./Mexico Border to produce work for the Screen City Biennial. A Professor of New Media Art at Emerson College in Boston, Freeman is a ZERO1 American Arts Incubator fellow, a recipient of a prestigious LACMA Art & Technology commission, and has produced work and exhibited around the world.

Virtual U.S./Mexico Border

Site-specific Augmented Reality, with sound
Commissioned by Screen City Biennial

Virtual U.S./Mexico Border is an augmented reality public art project which allows the people to immerse themselves in virtual experiences documenting the North American migration crisis. The project includes geo-located augmented reality scenes produced on location at the U.S./Mexico border, which the public can view with common mobile phones and tablets along the historic Stavanger waterfront. Since Trump`s election, tensions have hardened and the border has become increasingly militarized. Virtual U.S./Mexico Border seeks to transpose the experience of being at this important border and to document the stories of migration found there.