John Cleater

United States

John Cleater (US) holds a Masters degree in Architecture from Columbia University. His works blur the threshold between physical and virtual space, from speculative architecture to multi-media performance productions and augmented reality installations. In 2011 he curated and participated in the AR exhibition Peeling Layers of Space Out of Thin Air at OMI International Arts Center. Most recently, Cleater has been developing augmented reality (AR) installations, among these I Must Be Seeing THINGS (2012) at FACT in Liverpool, UK, The Hermetic Museum (2013) at Corcoran Gallery 31 in Washington D.C., Sky Pavilions: Virtual Cloudbursts (2011) installed in multiple locations including DUMBO and The High Line in NYC, the Sydney Opera House and at the Venice Biennale.


Site-specific Augmented Reality, with sound
Commissioned by Screen City Biennial

The augmented reality artwork can be experienced from inside the concert hall lobby through a pair of goggles named by the artist a “ThingOscope” as well as from three locations along the Stavanger Harbour front. Audience look over the Stavanger harbour and observe phenomena occurring in the horizon and taking up the harbour.