Budhaditya Chattopadhyay


Budhaditya Chattopadhyay is an Indian-born artist, researcher, writer and theorist. Chattopadhyay works with sound as his primary medium often dealing with contemporary issues, such as human intervention in the environment, urbanity and exile. Conceptually, Chattopadhyay’s work questions the materiality, site-specificity and object-hood of sound, and addresses the aspects of contingency, contemplation, mindfulness and transcendence inherent in listening. His artistic practice intends to shift the emphasis from object to situation, and from immersion to discourse in the realm of sound. Chattopadhyay has graduated from India’s national film school specializing in sound, completed a Master of Arts degree in new media/sound art at Aarhus University, and received a Ph.D. in sound studies from Leiden University.


Exile and Other Syndromes

Installation, augmented environment with multi-channel sound diffusion

Our current era of pervasive mobility, migration and (dis)connectivity triggers perpetual dislocation and nomadism. Perceptions constantly shift between cities and across urban sites to form unsettled geographies. As increasingly migratory being, a wandering urban dweller of today’s post-global cities is sensitive to environmental sounds navigating through various alienating and dehumanizing hybrid post-industrial urban spaces. These are gradually disorienting auditory situations, informed by real-time spatial information juxtaposed with memory of another city from another time. The nomadic subject relates to these situations through contemplation, mindfulness and contingent processes prompted by the enhanced sense of mobility. Exile and Other Syndromes responds to this indisposition of migration, mobility, placeless-ness and nomadism, which make impulses of a contemporary condition that eventually blurs the boundaries between the digital and the corporeal, between local and the global, or between private and enhanced access and freedom of the public domain, helping the nomadic subject to emerge as an elevated and emancipated self. The project intends to examine these contemporary realities, manifesting them in an augmented environment that incorporates multi-channel sound diffusion and visualization of field recordings in modulated text.